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The Virgo Symbol: The Maiden

We reveal the Virgo personality traits in our unmissable video:

Virgo is very health conscious and loves spending part of their free time meditating and taking part in yoga workouts. The art of happiness for Virgo can be resumed as a carefree and straightforward yet fulfilling life. Virgo is one of the three Earth signs. Just like Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is reliable, prudent, organized , and loves to compartmentalize life. Even if other zodiacs are more active about chasing opportunities, Virgos always have their dreams and zodiac sign goals laid out.

They know exactly what they want out of life. Virgos are very wise and give off an amazing aura. Under the influence of Mercury, Virgo has great talents for communication and expressing their feelings. At ease with ideas and words, they are very talented when it comes to giving great speeches.

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Their gift with words often helps them reassure their friends and family when they are in times of need. Virgo male traits include being practical, observant, and helpful. Perfection, trustworthiness, and honesty are some of the basic characteristics of a Virgo male.

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The Virgo male is very difficult to read and takes a while being to open up and relax around new people. Virgo females are often underrated because they are often perceived as lacking essential life experience. They love learning from her day-to-day activities, because it helps her relate and connect to other people.

A lot of Virgo women find their professional calling in care giving careers such as nursing. How well do you know the traits of the Virgo? Understanding Virgo's personality will help you build better relationships with Virgo in love, work and life. Difficulties occur when a Virgo worries too much or is too critical of their surroundings and themselves. Contrary to popular belief, Virgo is one of the most emotional zodiac signs. Virgo will always be reluctant to open up about their feelings in the early stages of a romantic relationship.

In order to get to know a Virgo, you need to earn their trust. Worrying about your future? Our experts are here to answer all of your questions. Although they will never openly express how upset they are, when their feelings are hurt it really plays on their mind and gets them down. They may give off a cold exterior, but underneath it all, they are very sensitive souls and care deeply about what other people think of them. Virgo and Taurus go together in love because Taurus is a reassuring and calming figure in Virgo's life and will help guide them through difficult times.

The only downfall for this couple is Virgo's standoffish character which could eventually push Taurus away. Virgo also matches well with either Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn. If a Virgo marries any one of these signs, it could be a recipe for disaster. Two Virgos together will lead a wonderful life and will really help each other structure their love and feelings.

Together they will become the unison of practical minds, which means they'll definitely be on the same wave length. Virgos, more than any other zodiac sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy.

2. Virgos are hardworking.

They are also tailor-made for the job, since common Virgo traits are being industrious, methodical and efficient. The sense of duty borne by these folks is considerable, and it ensures that they will always work for the greater good.

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  6. Did you know that Virgo sign dates can change year to year? Virgo is represented by the symbol of the Virgin, although this association should not be taken literally. Rather, Virgos tend to take on some of the qualities of a Virgin, things like modesty and humanity. Most of all, Virgos enjoy indulging their practical and logical side and poring over their projects to the nth degree.

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    To say those born under the Virgo sun sign are good at fact-finding almost understates the case, since Virgos revel in their exacting some would argue pedantic behavior and are a whiz with minutiae. Those with a Virgo zodiac sign are an asset in the workplace as they can be counted on to get things right the first time, every time — and no detail will be overlooked.

    They are also balanced and fair in their assessments in keeping with the mutable quality assigned to this sign. Those born under this star sign are also able communicators and use their mental acuity to maximum advantage.

    Virgo horoscope – star sign dates, traits, and who are Virgos most compatible with?

    All of this brainpower can make Virgos prone to skepticism, and can even lead to the kind of over-think that surely leads to overkill. Thankfully, though, Virgos are also a studious lot and can temper their worst impulses with a bit of careful analysis. The element associated with Virgo is earth , and in keeping with that, most Virgos are grounded, salt-of-the-earth types. Virgins are truly interested in understanding things. Along those lines, Virgos are also neat and clean, save for the occasional sloppy Virgin they do exist.

    Virgins are also reliable and practical and oh-so-useful to have around.

    Virgo Personality Traits (Virgo Traits and Characteristics)
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