Astrological predictions for scottish referendum

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Papua New Guinea is at risk from floods or tsunamis. Vietnam will assert itself as a leading superpower, and is heading for a military stand-off with China.

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Expect violent storms and tornadoes as the weather turns volatile in the American Midwest. The UK is at risk from re-energised pressure for Scottish independence. This is the most dangerous moment of the year for European unity and global stability.

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China will be flexing its military muscles in the South China Sea, but the government may also be facing stiff opposition at home as discontent builds up. Global tension remains sky high.

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A series of countries including Morocco, Algeria, Spain, France and Germany are at risk from civil strife. The Baltic States will be under pressure from Russia and could be a potential flashpoint between East and West. Parts of Nigeria are on the brink of civil war between religious factions. This is a highly confrontational situation and levels of global tension remain high. The UK is still very unstable with high levels of discontent in every sector of society. Political opinion becomes ever-more polarised and the break-up of the UK is a real fear. Scandinavia is also at risk of political upheaval.

There could be a new hard-line government in Iran and changes at the top of government in Iraq. International tension begins to drop and against this backdrop it is increasingly possible to look forward to a brighter, better world and an exciting future. Mercury is opposed to Saturn. Worldwide it is time for tough negotiations to resolve long-forgotten conflicts. The scandal-hit South African government may fall after a corruption scandal.

The Astrology of Brexit – What Will Happen Next for the Tories?

There is danger at sea and a global risk of floods and tidal waves. Disease epidemics could result from ill-judged health cuts. International tension increases, although governments will be looking for sensible, practical collaboration rather than conflict. War is off the agenda. Foreign policy blunders embarrass the British government. Government ministers may be caught up in a bribery scandal. Russia should avoid complacency as a major challenge to the government is now building. Under volatile trends, France is at risk from riots and civil disturbance. This planetary picture indicates a high risk of espionage.

Spy rings may be exposed and brought to light. A well-known bank may be on the brink of collapse after a major hacking scandal. Israel should have a new government and is heading for a change of direction. East Africa is in a delicate position, and Kenya may be involved in a border war. There may be protests in Georgia. The Republic of Ireland is experiencing a summer boom, with rapidly rising property prices, a growing financial sector and scope for investment. Pakistan is due for a change of government which may alarm its Western allies.

The Sun is on the Midheaven. Russia is in the midst of a democratic revival, and the government is riding a wave of popularity. In South Africa, the ANC government will finally collapse and may be replaced by a wider coalition, marking a major moment of transition, post-apartheid.

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Palestinians will be seeking a reunion of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Internationally, an arc of change sweeps up through West Africa. Ghana will experience major changes in government and Algeria is also due for a change at the top. India is recovering from a period of instability and presents a positive opportunity for smart investors. Denmark is in an assertive mood and anti-EU sentiments are strong. Canada develops a role as a major international broker and hosts a global peace conference.

Egypt plays an important diplomatic role in Middle East peace. Japan launches a diplomatic offensive to guarantee peace in the Far East. Legal battles rise to the top of the agenda and the courts will intervene in foreign affairs. New security measures should be put in place at Westminster to protect politicians and staff. Minerva is alive and kicked in all the British horoscopes. In fact, most Brexit and Scotland independence points are within the brief term, but on 13 Might , it was attainable on this website to foretell in January a huge break between England and Scotland. The BBC informed us here, right here and right here.

Keep in mind that this was after the nation had voted "No". Jupiter delivers hope for a better future. Saturn places God's fear on people. Connect with Neptune and miss it and you have an incredible month for Scotland's fate. How can a horoscope be like this, to date prematurely? We do it using the previous Scotland delivery chart, set In A. Readers are typically stunned to listen to that nations even have delivery maps, but they definitely do — and we will predict the long-term future of Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales through the use of all of our horoscopes.

The know-how that works greatest is trendy astrology, not because it remained within the s, however utilizing the newest Solar Hearth software program that follows the actions of latest discoveries, such as the Trans-Neptune object generally known as Salacia, which simply happens in Neptune Spouse!

With all these symbols, we will all the time look as much as in your life and within the lifetime of the UK. When you've ever questioned how Britain ended up twice with a queen and a female prime minister, each the Scottish and the previous England charts clarify.

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All the things is right down to the asteroid, referred to as Vesta, described by Sir Frederic Leighton. Vesta is a logo of two or extra ladies coping with a robust male sex policy. Astrology works in mysterious ways and no one might have recognized In January , Alex Salmond, a champion of independence in Scotland, was charged with rape and sexual violence.

Nicola Sturgeon is an effective and real example of how the Venus planet works in both the Scottish and the UK foundations of the horoscopes. This happens in June Saturn can also be 13 Aquarius that month. The sample continues in October and April Northern Eire. Republic of Eire. These British residents share a passport and — for a long time — the identical European Union membership. So what occurs when Brexit is ultimate and Scotland leaves?

Astrological predictions for scottish referendum for independence

The longer term is female. This is the pattern of the previous UK astrological chart of January 1, It has a variety of rigorous elements involving ladies 's planets and asteroids. I'm positive you will notice a reference to the princess Dianaan. This portray of the Roman goddess Diana Simon Vouet. In accordance with her own delivery chart she is a wild image of freedom, independence, feminism and ladies.

Astrologer, writer and educational Liz Greene revealed 14 years in the past in Some of these modifications might embrace a brand new interpretation of the monarchy or the transition between the Church and the State, and between the ruler and the government.

The character of the UK itself might have to be redefined extra flexibly and creatively, and it should embrace new approaches from individual models — Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. This may increasingly also apply to nations which are related to the UK by way of widespread bonds, corresponding to Australia and New Zealand. When the UK's delivery delivery horoscope appeared in , Ceres dominated.

astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
astrological predictions for scottish referendum Astrological predictions for scottish referendum
Astrological predictions for scottish referendum

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