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I am totally explosive with an Aries and nicely complimented by the opposition of a Capricorn. Garance, dit, dit , dit, dans quels articles parles-tu de ta maman? Ils sont pas cons. Je suis une vraie terrienne.

Les signes astrologiques sont faux

Just like you Garance, I never really take astrology seriously but as a fellow Taurus, after reading those boards, they describe my personality to a tee! Ha ha! So many comments. This is my Pisces speaking.

Spiritual nature, at home in the paradoxes. Unexplainable mysteries, yes please! Believer in True Love and unimaginable depth of merging with that love.

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Unsatisfied unless the essence of a thing has been found and delved into. Am I driving you crazy? Oui, oui, oui tu parles horoscope et J.

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I believe in personality and compatibility I know, embarrassing as it is! Also, have you seen the twitter site zodiacfacts? And addictive.

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I know exactly what you mean! My Mum and my Grandma are massively into horoscopes and although most of me thinks, yeah, whatever, whenever my Mum tells me about it, it rings so true by the end of the conversation I am convinced…almost. And if you think that the basic birthday — starsign thing is scarily accurate, wait until someone starts telling you about how your time and year of birth comes into it, it starts to get really weird….

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Whenever I start going out with a boy, Mum always asks about his sign, and starts to tell me about it, and it is always so freakyly accurate before she even meets him! For example, my boy is a Leo, and is massively lazy, just like a male lion he likes to think he is the dominant one, is very proud and has quite a fierce roar when he is angry. But he is also generous and affectionate. Who knows?

Amy xxx. Garance, you really need to introduce yourself to mysticmedusa.

Trust me. Moi je suis vierge. Hey, Garance! Because it is sooooo accurate. What do you think? I woudl have thought they would be so easy and fun and ways to be original! Another funny thing is: of all the zodiac signs, i believe scorpios are easiest to recognize. What a great combination! It was sublime and beautiful….

Today we are such good friends. Et ca nous decrit bien. I am a Libra and we balance each other really well. We have been married ten years, I wish you that and many more, Garance! Ok, my destiny is written in the stars … Pff, I hate that feeling. Several years ago I saw the most beautiful ones in some silly teen mag. I cut them out and backed them on paper because they were too good to ever lose. They are full body length drawings of a girl that embodies her sign.

horoscope de la vierge pour demain Horoscope de la vierge pour demain
horoscope de la vierge pour demain Horoscope de la vierge pour demain
horoscope de la vierge pour demain Horoscope de la vierge pour demain
horoscope de la vierge pour demain Horoscope de la vierge pour demain
horoscope de la vierge pour demain Horoscope de la vierge pour demain
horoscope de la vierge pour demain Horoscope de la vierge pour demain

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