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How could she be wrong? Six months after the reading, feeling exhausted by my low-paying life as a theater director, I made a surprisingly swift decision to move back home to Michigan. And then, at a house party thrown by high school friends, I met Brandon, the man it would not work out with, at least according to my tarot reader. Among the half-finished beers and red cups of punch at the party, he made me laugh. I softened in his presence. A week later we strolled through a nature preserve and got to know each other again.

After that he started calling me from work and texting me from camping trips. When we went out to dinner with friends, he put his hand on the small of my back and I had to catch my breath. To keep our long-distance relationship alive, we learned to press play at exactly the same moment so we could watch movies together.

We visited each other every few weeks and missed each other terribly while we were apart. I fell very much in love with Brandon. There was no lightning strike of certainty but rather a slow warming that grew into something sweet. I wanted to marry him, and I told him so. I daydreamed about painting walls and walking dogs and all of the ways in which we would build a future together. Seven months later, my work in New York was done, and I decided one final move was in order. This time I wanted to pursue filmmaking in Los Angeles, another twisting turn in my career. Brandon agreed I should do that.

His work in real estate was somewhat transferable and he said he would join me there soon. I believed him. During those two years I had spent falling in love with Brandon, that ex-boyfriend, my supposed destiny, had been attending graduate school in Los Angeles. As I headed there, I hoped that after he graduated, he would move back to New York, so as not to tempt me into falling for a fate I no longer wanted. But when I got there, I found out from a mutual friend that he was planning to stay.

I was immediately struck by the possibility of a chance encounter with him. I found myself wondering where he lived, how he spent his days.

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I would think I saw him on the street and my heart would pound, sending waves of anxious energy through my body, but it was always just some stranger with a similar haircut. As my anxiety about him grew, my relationship with Brandon began to suffer. The time difference was difficult, the flights long and expensive and the pressure for him to meet me in this new life all-consuming. Months passed with me trying to keep one relationship alive while fearing another was chasing me down.

And then, just weeks before that predicted three-year finish line, my friend who was still in touch with my ex decided to visit us both in Los Angeles. Just like that, a door opened. For the first time since our breakup, my ex and I were linked in time and space and it had me reeling. Had the cards been right?

Had the entirety of my two-and-a-half-year relationship with Brandon just been a mirage? Had it always been meant to dissipate at the moment this three-year waiting period expired? Or had I made my destiny true by believing in it?

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And what was I supposed to do now? Wait patiently for the cards to push me into some predetermined new old life? Each zodiac sign can look forward to a special and unique message. In our horoscopes you will discover the perfect opportunities, weaknesses and challenges that are drawn by an invisible hand of fate on the life's journey of each of us The horoscope brings the hope and promise of many unusual experiences.

Are you interested, how the next year will influence your life?

How relationships, love and financial situation will develop? Next year is always a puzzle.

2020 Tarot Horoscope – Tarot Love 2020 – Tarot 2020 Career

The horoscope will help you reveal it's secrets. Instead of worrying behold with respect. The year will be in fact a challenge and a great motivation as well. Focus on the right opportunity Our monthly horoscope gives you important information about what awaits you in love, work and health. You will learn how to deal with your energy.

Whether you will utilize the influx of new power that will support the courageous adventures, or whether it would be better to lay back and enjoy the peace and home safety this month The word "horoscope" comes from Greek and means "sign of the time" or "a look at the hours". This time or hours means the moment of our birth or any other event. Therefore by horoscope we call a diagram that represents the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the particular moment.

The actual chart is only interesting and complicated picture example here that has no great predictive value for common people. Only the interpretation of this diagram by an astrologer gives a sense to the horoscope. By Horoscop e we often mean the interpretation of the position of the planets than the mere capture of them in the form of the diagram.

Horoscope is based on the geocentric conception of the universe and the Earth is therefore reflected in its center. All other planets, including the Sun, are then marked in the peripheral ring, which we call the Zodiac. The Zodiac is a belt in the sky established from constellations , in which from our point of view the planets move.

There are 12 constellations and each occupies the same angle of 30 degrees degrees total. This belt encircling the Earth is the outer circle in the chart into which the position of the planets is marked. Each astrological sign is symbolized by an animal Fish, Cancer, Scorpio, Your astrological sign shows the constellation of zodiac in which the Sun was located at the time of your birth. That's why it is also called the Sun sign or Zodiac sign.

The meaning of planets in horoscopes is based on Greek mythology, where the planets are attributed to individual gods. Each planet expresses certain human desires, motives and character Mars for example was the god of war and is associated with power — how we enforce our will. As long as there were no telescopes, people considered planets to be "wandering stars". Only five well visible planets were known for centuries. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have become part of horoscopes only recently, when they were discovered in the last century.

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